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General Construction

We specialize in custom construction projects in the commercial and public sectors. We have the expertise, experience and resources to successfully oversee and implement your project from design to completion. We will work closely with you to help define your objectives and to establish an accurate budget and schedule, and conduct a detailed site analysis to ensure that no problems arise during construction.


We maintain strict quality control during each stage of your project, providing on-site management and regular inspections to ensure a clean and safe work environment. We use only the best building materials and practices to ensure that you receive the highest quality and workmanship. And we keep the lines of communication open to make sure we’re performing the work according to your objectives and satisfaction. 


Whether you’re looking to make an addition to your home, remodel your kitchen or bathroom, install a new roof, or build a garage, we will help turn your dream into reality. We are experts at countertops, lighting, cabinetry, flooring, roofing, windows, doors, plumbing, fencing, decks, painting, stonework, tile and every other aspect of construction and finishing.


We will ensure that everything is up to code and take care of all permitting requirements. We’ll give you a project timetable and live up to it, and keep you informed of our progress every step of the way. And we’ll treat your home as we would ours, maintaining a clean work environment and disrupting your life as little as possible. The end result will be a home you love even more, and one that has significantly increased in value.

Green Building + Solar Systems

We have a firm and heartfelt commitment to promoting a green and sustainable environment. Accordingly, we prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability in all of our commercial, public and residential projects. This means using environmentally responsible materials and processes, while remaining up to date on innovative products and technologies, from solar panels to energy-efficient windows to non-toxic and renewable materials.


We’re especially excited about the solar technology solutions we offer. We work with trusted photovoltaic-equipment suppliers to provide you with the newest and most efficient solar energy products on the market. In addition to using the best materials, we’ll provide the optimum design and installation for your home or business, build and install it to your exact specifications, and connect you to the local electric grid. Our goal is to help you reduce waste, increase your energy efficiency and savings, and minimize your environmental footprint.


Design + Build

We are a full-service design + build company focused on providing innovative design; meticulous, old school craftsmanship; and high-quality, personalized service. The advantage of this approach for our commercial and residential clients is that there is a single point of responsibility and accountability, which translates to streamlined operations, enhanced project management and improved cost efficiencies.


Our design + build philosophy also helps prevent unnecessary delays and other problems, which saves time and keeps projects firmly on schedule. Uniting the design and construction in one builder also supports quality control, eliminates unneeded expenses, and prevents budget overruns. As well, it simplifies and enhances communication with clients, empowering them to have a larger say in the planning and implementation of their project, and affords greater flexibility for any modifications that might be necessary during the construction phase.


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